Welcome to Eliasson Canopy tailoring!




Since 1929 the family Eliasson have made sails and canopies on the island Hönö close to Gothenburg,when Ludvig Eliasson after nine years at sea decided to stay ashore. Leif Eliasson took over from Ludvig and started producing small boat canopies.


This was at the sixties.Today Therese Tell is the owner and is keeping the family tradition alive. There are three employees who makes canopies and sails etc. for a great numbers of boat producers and private persons. The quality is in first room. Templates for almost every boat model is in the house.


We also sell Canopies from Danish, Norwegian and Finish original-Makers.
On the picture you find Jens in action making a canopy in a special working place made just for this kind of tailoring.


We are able to keep two boats in the hall to get new canopies.

Recently we have installed a brand new digital cutting machine.